Charmoise Hill Sheep Society

The Hardy Terminal Sire

Commercial Value

The Charmoise has excelled in popularity across Wales, mainly due to its hardiness and ease of management whilst also producing quality meat lambs for market.

Charmoise is a breed which makes the maximum use of natural forage resources and requires the minimum of attention.  Its ability to convert forage means that less or no concentrates are required to finish lambs, a point now exaggerated in importance by the increase of compound feed prices. Lambs faten on forage alone, producing exceptional quality carcasses with killing out percentages often averaging 52%.

Because of its good aptitude for natural off season breeding the rams find no trouble in mating at any time of the year, along with this is a lambing libido, which has to be seen to be believed. These points have led a few notable breeders to use these rams for the first lambing on either ewe lambs or shearlings of other breeds. The narrow head and shoulders of the Charmoise also makes them easier lambing than many other commercial terminal sires.