Charmoise Hill Sheep Society

The Hardy Terminal Sire

Show Rules & Society Sales

Society Sales
  • Adult Sheep & Lambs – NO trimming, carding, combing, colouring of the fleece allowed. Tails may only be squared.
  • The face and legs may show brown colouring but the main fleece should have no black or dark spots.
  • All lambs shown need to be registered by 1st of July.
  • Teeth to be correct.
  • Ewes sound in udder and all aged ewes to of reared lambs in current year.
  • Tails of correct length (they MUST cover vital parts).
  • Where possible all sheep to be let loose when shown.
  • All male & female sheep sold at society sales to be club registered before sale.

N.B. In relation to primestock shows / winter fairs, none of the above applies.