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The Hardy Terminal Sire

Welcome to the official website of the Charmoise Hill Sheep Society, where passion for excellence in sheep breeding meets a community dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Charmoise Hill sheep breed. As stewards of this unique and remarkable breed, our society is committed to fostering camaraderie among breeders, sharing knowledge, and celebrating the distinctive qualities that make Charmoise Hill sheep a highly valued part of the flocks of those lucky enough to keep them.

Here, you will discover a wealth of information about the Charmoise Hill sheep, from their rich history to the latest advancements in breeding practices. Whether you are a seasoned breeder, a curious stockperson or someone considering the addition of Charmoise Hill sheep to your flock, our website serves as a hub for education, networking, and information about these versatile sheep.

The Charmoise breed is experiencing a notable surge in popularity throughout the UK, gaining significant traction, especially in hilly regions. This breed distinguishes itself by excelling in challenging terrains, thanks to its remarkable adaptability to thrive on low-quality forage and its exceptional hardiness, setting it apart from numerous other terminal sire breeds.

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More great features of the Charmoise Hill Sheep!

High Libido: Fewer empty ewes, more lambs per acre.

High Fertility Rams: Excellent conception rate.

Long Living Rams: More kilos of lambs per pound spent on rams.

Narrow Heads: Easy lambing. Very suitable for tupping ewe lambs.

Lively Lambs: Quicker to the teat producing healthier lambs.

Great Converters of Forage: Making them suitable for both intensive and extensive systems.

Lambs Finish Quickly: Producing standard and heavier carcasses without excess fat.

Tremendous Conformation: They have a high killing out percentage.

Fine Bone Structure: Produces a high meat to bone ratio.

Tastier Succulent Meat: The mountain origins of this breed produces a unique flavor. 

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